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Easy to Operate

Our patented design allows the driver operate the controls with their finger tips. The mounting and the shape of the signal arm are designed to be balanced so that it takes very little effort to signal left or right. No need to wrap a finger around the arm and “pull” it to operate.

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Work with Most Cars

Our patented Universal adapter is designed to work on most cars that are on the road today. Whether the signal arm is round, round with a tapered shaft, triangle, or any other shape, the adapter will compensate and attach firmly so there is no possibility of it coming loose. Our unique clam shell mount allows mounting only using an Allen wrench and will not cause any damage to the signal arm.

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Patented Technology

The other crossover signal adapters on the market all use the same technology, utilizing some sort of pipe hanger clamp or hose clamp to attach to the signal arm. Ours is unique as we specifically designed our GM Specific adapter to fit perfectly, and our Patented Universal Adapter to meet the needs of other designed signal arms. We felt it was important that we patent our design to ensure that when you purchase our adapter you know that significant engineering went into the product.

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