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       Chrysler Pacifica Shift Extension

chrysler Pacifica Shift Extension

Chrysler Pacifica Shift Extension
shown with optional Accessories Extensions installed

Dealers asked for it, so we made it.
Introducing the Chrysler Pacifica Shift Extension.

The extension snaps over the Shift knob and can be turned into any position and tightened with a cap screw.
The extension rod can be cut and bent to give the operator a truly custom fit.

Disabled persons confined to a wheel chair often have difficulty reaching the transmission shift lever when strapped into a vehicle. Shifter extensions are available, but don't fit real well and are sometimes difficult to mount and stay tight.
At the request of one of our clients we developed this extension. Utilizing our patented clamshell design, we were able to design an extension that allows the driver to shift gears without taking hand off of the steering wheel.

As can be seen, it does not interfere with steering the vehicle or any other controls, but is within easy finger tip reach. This is easily installed with use of an Allen wrench, and if moved to another vehicle does not do any damage to the shifter. These will easily mount on any of the most popular conversion vehicles. If in doubt, give us a call.


2011-Newer Dodge/Chrysler Van
Dash Mount Shifter Extension



Our Dash Mount Shift Extension adds 4” to the length of the shifter making it easily accessible for those who find it difficult to reach the factory shifter. It is offset approximately 2” from the steering wheel to prevent any interference from clothing while operating the vehicle. It is easily installed, has a gloss finish, and uses the factory provided shift knob to maintain a factory finish.



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