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Removable Left Side
Accelerator Pedal
RAP 795

Right side disabled driver’s in the past have been limited to vehicles which have had a left side accelerator bolted into the floor and controls attached to the factory pedal.  This is fine if they don’t want to drive a different car or plan to keep their car forever.  Now, that is no longer required. 

removable left side accelerator edal  removable left side acellerator pedal

Introducing our newest product, the Removal Left Side Accelerator Control.  This is easily positioned on your floorboard with non-skid grippers that won’t slip.  NO BOLTING!! The pedals are easily adjustable (installed by person with mechanical ability recommended) and only require an 11” spacing for the pedals. Perfect for the company that provides cars for business travel, or the individual who wants/needs to drive different vehicles.  It comes with our 2 year parts warranty, and 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Short term rental for temporary needs is available. Please contact us with your specific needs for your car.



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